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Tutorial http injector tnt/smart config

I will help you out guys sa mga nahihirapan gumawa ng config sa http injector! :D

*Install http injector
*create an ssh account at or or any ssh site na alam nyo
*open http injector
*click on the 3 line bars on the upper left corner
*click on payload generator
>online host: check
>keep alive: check
>generate payload
*SSH Setting
>ssh host: yung ip recommended ko ng ssh acc na nagawa nyo
>port: 22
>username: acc user mo
>password: acc password mo
*click back
>set dns: check on custom dns then enter this
*click back
*advance setting
>turn on the cpu wakelock
*click back to home
*remote proxy: ilagay nyo yung working squid server na pareho sa lugar ng acc na nagawa mo ex. is a singapore server so gamitin nyo squid server is for singapore also with its port ha tulad ng 80/8080
*Start youre created config! Then if connected kayo it means happy browsing time!

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